Love is unique


I never understood why love is something we all seem to compare.

Is love really measurable? How would we measure it?

We are all unique people, so why is our love not unique?

Just because I may not be receiving lots of public displays of affection, does that mean I am not loved?

People seem to believe that the more public displays of affection (PDA) a couple shows and other public displays of affection, such as shout-outs  or social networking posts, the more in love the couple is.

Which is completely judgemental.

Not everyone has the same love language, not everyone shows their love the same way, not everyone may even like PDA, and you will never see every little loving detail a couple does for one another.

For all you know, that “relationship goals” couple has a lot more issues than the couple who doesn’t show nearly as much PDA. I’m not saying this is always the case, but you can’t believe everything you see in public.

Everyone seems to get caught up in the whole idea of love having to be a certain way.

My man may not have huge public displays of love, but he shows me plenty of love. He may not post beautiful posts of me or buy me extravagant gifts, but he’s there for me when I need help and loves to make me food and do things for me. He may always talk about the future with me, but just because he doesn’t post that he’s going to put a ring on it, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t see a future with me. Anything he does for me or tells me personally shows me more of his love than anything he publicly does for me.

The image of love has been painted to be some sort of beautiful, perfect, and polished painting.

The truth is that love is not polished or perfect.

Love is imperfect, there are many bumps and mountains in life, but life is always better with your love.

If you don’t feel happy or loved, maybe outside perspectives are right. But if your feeling of love or unhappiness may be a temporary feeling, don’t rush into a rash decision. You have to make sure it isn’t a temporary feeling before you make a permanent decision.

If you feel loved and are truly happy, ignore what others say. Sometimes others choose to only see the negative in a relationship and don’t choose to see the positive and pure happiness even when it’s right in front of them.


The picture above is of myself and my significant other. It was taken by my friend, Madisyn Leigh Pope-Schultz. Please do not remove her watermark if you decide to use this photo. She deserves credit for this awesome picture.



Do you ever just find yourself so distracted that you don’t know what exactly is distracting you? You’re just stuck in a place where you can’t think and don’t know what to feel. A place between your thoughts and feelings. A dim room with only a door knob from the inside. You’re the only one who can get yourself out of that dim room, but you are glued to the floor, unsure of what to do. 

I’m simply distracted today. I can’t focus on my priorities and instead of doing my homework I’m sitting here blogging.

Picture in San Luis obispo, California on iPhone 6 Plus.


One day


One day I won’t need to rely on anyone for anything other than moral support, love, and a good laugh.

Relying on someone isn’t a bad thing, but feeling like a burden or that you don’t have any other choice is not a great feeling. This current situation is not my final situation, this will not be a permanent feeling.  Just thought I’d share my feelings.

Picture taken on my iPhone 6 plus in Santa Maria, California.