Santa Maria

Who is Annette?

     There are always pros and cons to where you live. I love Santa Maria, I was born and raised here. A lot of people have negative things to say about how “it’s so small” or that “There’s nothing to do here”. But that’s a very easy and simple minded way to view our beautiful city. Anyone can find the negative in something. You have to dig deeper and find the beauty in everything. 

    We have great, year round weather. Sure it’s  pretty windy and I find that very frustrating since I get cold easily. But we truly are spoiled with our weather. It doesn’t snow here at all and it doesn’t rain much. Although I’d love for some rain to heavily pour down here because this California drought is just absolutely depressing. I’m not the biggest fan of rain, but as long as my socks don’t get wet, it’s not too bad. 

     Santa Maria is known for their “Santa Maria Tri-tip”, “Santa Maria-style BBQ”, Santa Maria is also known for their agriculture. We grow a lot of vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, celery, iceberg and romaine lettuce. We also known for our strawberries. Every year we have a strawberry festival. Another reason why rain is absolutely so necessary right now. 

     Something I find frustrating is that a lot of the time here, people are made fun of for aspiring to follow their dreams. Sometimes it’s not even their dreams, they’re just trying something different and others feel the need to talk negatively about it. I’ve seen memes about “People trying to model their way out of Santa Maria”. Which I think is horrible. People who were raised in the same area should be uplifting each other instead of trying to make fun of them. It’s funny, because a lot of those same people would be trying to be their best friend if they were to become famous or very well known. 

    I’ve been looked at a little differently, my friend is a photographer and she asked me a few years ago to be her “model”. I received a lot of positive comments about the pictures, but then everyone started assuming I was aspiring to be a model. Of which, I’m not. But I wouldn’t turn down a big opportunity in modeling if I were to be offered one. It’s fun and I like have awesome pictures of myself so I don’t mind doing it at all. 
    I know my mind is kind of all over the place right now, but I’m not trying to create the perfect blog. I’m just writing what comes to my mind right now. 

    The picture I’m posting is somewhere in Santa Maria, don’t remember exactly where. But there’s no filter used on it because I think it’s beautiful the way it is.